Site Map & Rules

Durham Leisure Campground Site Map
  1. Camper may have no more than two pets on the Property. A camper is not allowed to have a yappy dog (barking at everyone going by) or aggressive dog on the Property, or in the Campground. All pets on the Property or in the Campground must be registered and vaccinated, and leashed at all times. Camper must clean up after pet(s), even on trails. No pets left on site unattended, or left alone in the camper. Guests may NOT bring their pets to campground. Management, at any time, may request a pet be removed from the Property or the Campground.
  2. PLEASE do not flush wet wipes at any time.
  3. Pool Rules: No floatation devices in pool area. They block view for safety; lifejackets are welcome. Noodles are okay if used properly; not as a life saving device, not as weapons or to blow water through. No-one on top of anyone else’s shoulders. No running. NO GLASS OR FOOD. No pets in pool area. No music unless on headphones, in pool or play area. Children must be accompanied by adult.
  4. The speed limit in the park is 5 miles per hour. (We don’t like to eat your dust.)
  5. Guests are to park in guest parking only. Their vehicle is not allowed in the campground. If your guest needs assistance you may pick them up with your vehicle. All guests are to be registered upon time of arrival and guest fee paid. $6.00 day fee (9:00 AM – 9:00 PM); $6.00 night fee (9:00 PM - 9:00 AM). 3 night maximum for guests unless approved by management. Guests are not allowed on the property unless you are present. No exception for babysitters or dog sitters unless a reputable company with insurance. You cannot be responsible for your guests if you are not here. Guests are NOT ALLOWED to have pets on the property. DEFINITION OF GUEST: your adult children, your grandchildren, friends and extended family or possible co-owners not listed on the lease agreement. It is your responsibility to go over rules with them.
  7. Campers must be registered and insured at all times.
  8. Camper is not allowed to puncture (hammock screws), cut or remove any trees, flowers, shrubs, foliage or any other similar item without prior or written approval from Management. No clotheslines or outdoor showers, please.
  9. Camper is not allowed to relocate fire pit unless mobile.
  10. Camper must accompany any children at all times on the property of the Campground. Camper is responsible for any claim, loss or damage caused by camper’s children, guests, invitees or other family members.
  11. No outside spot lights on after 10:00 PM unless given special permission for extenuating circumstances.
  12. Quiet time in the campground is from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Please be noise conscious of music.
  13. Site checkout time is 11:00 AM. Check in is 1:00 PM. For Cabins, checkout time is 11:00. Check in is 3:00 PM.
  14. Camper may not have more than one refrigerator on the Property without prior written approval from Management. (Does not apply to seasonals.)
  15. Camper must have all garbage securely contained in plastic bags. Camper is responsible for the removal of their own trash. Trash is not to be left outside over night. Any microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, metal objects, carpets, chairs, (skirting, etc) must be brought to the local dump. (Maine Waste to Energy, 110 Goldthwaite Rd., Auburn, ME. 783-8805)
  16. Camper must keep all fires within the fire pit, fire ring or fireplace. Camper may not have a fire on the Property that exceeds five (5) feet high. Camper must extinguish all fires prior to leaving the Property or retiring for the night. (10 PM)
  17. There will be no washing of vehicles, which includes but is not limited to boats, trucks, cars, SUV’s, etc. No oil changes or working on vehicles on the property.
  18. There will be one trailer/camper per site. With Management’s permission, only one small pup tent is allowed for small children. No outdoor showers. No other tents/campers are allowed on the Camper’s site. Screen tents okay. See Visitor Pass
  19. Camper’s guests, invitees and family members must wear helmets while bike riding within the Campground. (State Law under age 16). No bike riding after dark. Motorized pleasure vehicles (i.e. ATV’s mini bikes, go-carts, golf carts, motorcycles etc.) are not allowed on the property or in the Campground. All children are to be on site by dark.
  20. Neither firearms nor fireworks are allowed on the site or in the Campground.
  21. Camper may not possess illegal or non-prescription drugs, nor allow minor to consume or possess alcohol on the site or in the Campground.
  22. Unruly, rowdy, behavior is not allowed on the site or in the Campground. Camper and their guests, are to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. This campground has a lot of people working in the area, traveling nurses, etc. Please be noise courteous.
  23. Management reserves the right to remove any person from the site or the Campground for any violation of these rules or regulations at any time. Those who are told to leave the Campground must do so immediately, with no refund.
  24. If at any time payment is not made on time, Management shall have the right, without notice, to store or otherwise dispose of Camper’s property at the Camper’s expense.
  26. Wi-Fi is free, not guaranteed. It can go out during storms.